Virginia Onley on Recent Nominations for Rockville Boards & Commissions: “It’s About Time”

Virginia Onley on Recent Nominations
for Rockville Boards & Commissions: “It’s About Time”
Mayor Newton Acts After Onley Voices Repeated Concern for Multiple Vacancies

ROCKVILLE, MD (October 3, 2019) – A statement from Virginia Onley, Rockville City Councilmember, and candidate for Mayor:

Rockville Residents have many valuable skills that can support our common vision for a welcoming, safe, and thriving City. One of the key responsibilities of the Mayor is to nominate candidates to serve on our City’s boards and commissions. Sadly, there have been far too many vacancies – some since 2015 – stalling residents’ ability to provide vital community input and expertise. As a councilmember and mayoral candidate, I’ve expressed my concerns about the numerous vacancies.

The Mayor has put forward 12 nominations for the Council to review on Monday, October 7th, including 6 reappointments. It’s about time. I believe we should give residents from across our City a chance to serve and I look forward to reviewing and discussing these nominees. The lack of action by the Mayor to fill these positions sooner has created a void of leadership. I’m ready to lead as mayor of our great City to make sure residents have a seat at the table.


Virginia Onley is serving her second term as a Rockville Councilmember. Virginia’s vision is for a thriving Town Center, connected metro districts, and welcoming neighborhoods.

For 26 years she has been an active member of the city, serving on nine boards and commissions. Onley is part of Team Rockville, a community-focused campaign committee with Cynthia Cotte Griffiths, James Hedrick, David Myles, and Mark Pierzchala for Council.

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