Fiscal Responsibility

I continue to balance cost-cutting with increasing the City’s revenues without raising taxes. I supported the move to once a week trash removal. I know some people considered this inconvenient. But we’ve learned to adapt. Choice Hotels relocation to Rockville increased our tax base, generated jobs and helps sustain Town Center businesses. We need more smart growth like this.

Adequate Public Facility Ordinance (APFO)

We need to continue to use our standards and codes to control the worst aspects of development and redevelopment. We also need to use these standards in a positive way for things that we want to happen for our children’s future.

Rockville Economic Development Inc (REDI)

I support Economic Development for Rockville because this means jobs and homes. It also means Rockville can maintain superior services without raising tax rates.

Rockville’s Seniors

I served on Rockville’s Senior Citizen’s Commission for 6 years and led the commission as chair through the conception and launch of a computer lab for our seniors, among other initiatives. I will maintain my commitment to providing the best facilities and programs for our seniors we can afford and to making sure they have access to all the City has to offer. Investment in seniors is an investment in us all.

Rockville’s Neighborhoods

Protecting and Improving the quality of neighborhoods is another core value for me. I’ve volunteered my time and services in Rockville for the last 25 years, and as councilmember, I have worked to bridge the gap, so many of you tell me exists, between your neighborhoods and City Hall.

Virginia’s Independence

You can also count on my independence. I am not controlled by any group, party, or specific community mission.

I value my independence because in the end being tied to ANY special interest group or candidate arrangement affects my ability to lead and make decisions on behalf of the Citizens of Rockville.Finally, I value citizen access. You talk, I’ll listen. Let’s talk about what’s on your mind.


Authorized by Friends of Virginia Onley, George Franklin treasurer.