Hello, I'm Virginia!

For 26 years, I’ve been fortunate to call Rockville home and serve my community. As your Rockville Councilmember since 2013, I’ve stood up for neighborhoods across the city, protected our financial health, and championed affordable housing so all can live, work, and learn here. I believe in a Rockville that works for everyone and I want to be your next Mayor of Rockville. 

Together, we are Rockville!

Fairness - Objectivity - Leadership

I believe all of Rockville’s citizens are entitled to equal consideration in the decisions that affect our neighborhoods. As Mayor, I will bring objectivity and fairness into decision-making.

My Priorities

Housing Affordability

Whether you own or rent, Rockville is home. As Mayor, I will advance better policies on development and stand up for residents so we all can afford to live here.

Good Jobs

All residents should have the chance to earn a living wage. As Mayor, I want to encourage new and existing businesses that will support our communities.

Safe Schools

Every child deserves a safe and welcoming space to learn and grow. As Mayor, I will work closely with MCPS to make sure our schools are safe.

Inclusive Government

Our government should work for all people. We have many talented residents who can offer their skills to making our City safe, sustainable, and welcoming.



Get Ready to Vote by Mail

Rockville will hold the first all vote-by-mail election in Maryland. Ballots will be mailed to registered voters in early October.

All ballots must be received by 8pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Canvass with the Candidate!

Sunday, October 6
King Farm Festival (12-4 PM)
Bowie House Party (3-5 PM) – RSVP
Let’s Rock the Vote for Virginia Onley (6-7:30 PM) – RSVP

Saturday, October 12
Team Rockville “Turn in Your Ballot / Turnout to Vote” Rally & Citywide Lit Drop – RSVP

Monday, October 14
5:30-7:30 PM

Happy Hour with Will Jawando – RSVP

Tuesday, October 15
6-8 PM
Twinbrook Community Recreation Center
12920 Twinbrook Parkway.

Are You Ready to Make History?

You are making history when you participate in our first vote-by-mail election. We have the opportunity to increase the number of residents who have a voice in electing our Mayor & Council.

As our city continues to grow more diverse in spirit, economic background, and culture, we need leaders who reflect our entire community. If elected, I would be the first African American Mayor.

Let’s make history together!