Thank You

‪I want to thank you for your love, support, & commitment throughout this race. We knew it was going to be tough. We fought fair with our heads high and with passion. ‬

I’m very happy to see fellow Team Rockville members David Myles and Mark Pierzchala on the Council. Their voices will be critical in the years ahead. ‪I congratulate Bridget Newton on her re-election and look forward to her representing all of our City. I also congratulate Monique Ashton and Beryl Feinberg on their election to Council.

The new Mayor and Council is a small step towards the vision I shared of a more inclusive City. We have more women and people of color serving but we have so much work left to do. We need to make sure renters, low-income residents, and communities that have been neglected in the past have a voice. We must continue to push for the change Rockville needs to be represented in all areas.

I may not have an official voice in the City, but I will never stop speaking my mind. I will continue to be active and vocal in Rockville. To face the challenges ahead, we all need to be willing to speak up and take action. I encourage you to get involved to be the difference you vision for our community. ‬

Virginia Onley