For the 22 years I've lived in Rockville, I've had a growing passion to serve our City. Serving on 9 city boards and commissions and currently as the president of the Americana Centre’s Homeowners Board, the Parish Council of St Mary’s Catholic Church, and as a Councilmember on the Rockville Mayor and Council. I also worked at IBM for 35 years, so I understand sensible business practices. With my broad experience in the community and in business, I ask that you re-elect me to City Council on November 3.

I COMMIT to you that I will continue to:

  • Ensure our Adequate Public Facility Ordinance will maintain and renew our City so that young families with children, teachers, fire fighters, police officers and senior citizens like me can afford to live here.
  • Work with neighborhood residents to protect the character of our neighborhoods.
  • Champion services for seniors to protect their quality of life.
  • Development will continue throughout the region; decide together how we want to manage our growth and protect Rockville’s hometown atmosphere.

I believe all of Rockville’s citizens are entitled to equal consideration in the decisions that affect our neighborhoods. I will continue to bring my "swing vote" decision-making to the council and bring objectivity and fairness in my decision-making.

I'm running with Team Rockville 2015. We will not always agree on everything, but we'll protect Rockville’s past and bring a vision for Rockville’s future to our City.

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